Our Brands

Our Brands

All of our GQ Brands have gained a solid reputation from quality product testing and continued innovation. We are constantly keeping our eye out for ways to improve our products, service and effectiveness.

AIR COMFORT® is the result of our own personal experiences with camping and being an occasional guest in other people’s homes – both of which can mean terribly uncomfortable sleeping accommodations. With “comfort” and “durability” as the key goals, we set out to create a line of inflatable beds that were not only great to sleep on, but functioned well above all others and looked good, too. After thorough research, experimentation and development, Air Comfort was born and is arguably the best quality on the market. Life is busy and complicated enough – your fun and leisure time shouldn’t be, so GQ Brands strives to create products that are easy and convenient to use without sacrificing quality or value. Air Comfort products can be purchased at www.aircomfortbeds.com or at one of our many retailers.

LIFE ENERGY® was created because we know it is important to have quality yoga mats and accessories. With so many options for yogis now, there are some key essentials you should look for when making your own purchase. Experienced yogis also usually have work-out wardrobes that are as balanced as their Tree pose. Wearing what makes you comfortable is important, but so is having fun and making a statement with all your yoga essentials. Unique designs, cool colors and different patterns all add to your individual practice and contribute to the overall experience. Have some fun and add some creativity to your yoga sessions with gorgeous designs and quality options from Life Energy!

PURE BOXING® offers safe and fun boxing products that help improve coordination, agility and overall fitness by encouraging active physical activity and play. Our colorful inflatable punching bags and freestanding boxing sets are a great way to lure kids and adults away from the virtual world and channel their energy in “real life” play. All Pure Boxing products are designed with durable materials to provide a safe and fun exercise experience.

PURE FITNESS® is a brand that draws upon our two decades of manufacturing fitness gear in a constantly changing market. Consequently, Pure Fitness products are made with all of us in mind – your families and ours. Pure Fitness products can be purchased at www.purefitrx.com or at one of our many retailers.

PURE FUN® was created to help kids and adults stay active and have fun while doing so! Like our Pure Fitness equipment, all Pure Fun products are developed with all of our families’ safety and comfort in mind. From outdoor trampolines to our fun playground equipment, Pure Fun products are designed to maximize the fun factor while you and your family get a great workout. Encouraged by the “go out and play!” concept, Pure Fun’s variety of active play equipment is a welcome alternative to the more sedentary virtual world of entertainment. Pure Fun products can be purchased at www.purefun.net or at one of our many retailers.




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